Safeway: 4X Gas Rewards with Gift Card Purchase

... save $15 (or more) when you fill up!

Through the end of this month (October 29th), select Safeway locations will be offering 4 times the gas reward points for gift card purchases. This is a great way to buy some gift cards for the upcoming holiday season or to treat yourself to some gas rewards for purchases you would have likely made anyway. I dont know why Safeway makes these rewards seem so complicated, but for this promotion every $25 gift card you buy will be equal to 100 points - which can then be redeemed for 10 cents off per gallon. Depending on how large your tank is could save you a pretty big chunk of change.

At my local Safeway all gift cards are eligible for the promotion except American Express, PayPower, Mastercard, My Choice, Safeway, Visa, Only 1 Visa, NetSpend and RE-loadit Cards - but your store might be different so make sure to call ahead (or ask before your purchase if you will be there anyway). the cards they are currently promoting are for the Olive Garden, Lowe's, and iTunes so I assume these cards will work everywhere.