Avoid impulse buying when grocery shopping

Avoid impulse buying when grocery shopping

Simple tips to avoid this common problem.

Impulse buying is something we all fall victim to sometimes. This is one of the causes for overspending at the grocery store and it can be hard to avoid. There are plenty of ideas to avoid this from happening, and you can try some of these tips.

Rule 1: Never shop while you are hungry. While this may seem like the simplest tip in the world, many of us do this anyhow. We end up at the grocery store right before dinner or at other points during the day when we are completely famished. This will result in impulse buying unless you are very strong willed.

Rule 2: Ask yourself if it is really necessary. For example, imagine if you picked up a package of cookies at the deli because they look really good. You could ask yourself this question and probably determine that the answer is no – you really don’t need them.

Rule 3: This is not really a rule, but it is an awesome suggestion and it will stop you from impulse shopping every time. Swap your grocery list with a friend’s list. In other words, you will do her grocery shopping and she will do yours.

Rule 4: Don’t shop when you are upset. It seems like people tend to make extra purchase when they are upset about something. They may be thinking that these purchases will help them feel better, or they may simply be in the mindset that they do not care about their life at that particular moment in time.