Oasis in the desert

Oasis in the desert

Supermarket savior

I was comparing notes with some friends of mine the other morning. Someone made the comment that they spent more time in the grocery store than they did at home. That wasn’t true of course, but after talking it over and comparing notes we determined that each and every one of us spent a great deal of time—more than we were aware of—in the grocery store.

I mean, every morning, I get up at 6:00 a.m. and go to the delicatessen at the grocery store. They have a full breakfast of two eggs, bacon-ham-or sausage, hash browns and toast for $2.99. Since coffee is only .49 cents for an endless cup, it is easily the best deal in town; especially since they don’t allow tipping. I almost always eat with at least one or two friends.

I then shop around at the pharmacy for my latest script or just to say hello to the pharmacists who have become friends that I depend on to keep me healthy. After the pharmacy, I stop by and pick up a few personal items on the non-foods side of the store before heading over to the grocery side for some staples before checking out and heading home.

I return to the delicatessen at midmorning to join the coffee klatch of friends and we sit there drinking coffee and discussing anything and everything or just socializing. Sometimes I stick around for lunch and sometimes not, but regardless I am there at mid-afternoon to fill my car with gas before I meet up at our table in the delicatessen with my buddies for coffee or a soft drink.

I always buy my holiday dinners at the delicatessen and have sent flowers for different occasions through the floral shop. The bakery has been the source of my donuts, pies and birthday cakes for the grandkids' birthdays. I am in the store so much that the employees and management know me by sight and always tip their hat as I walk by. I am a person of interest to them because I help pay their check by giving them my business every day.

They, on the other hand, get my respect because after thinking about it, they work 24 hours a day –literally—to operate a one-stop destination for just about everything I need in life, no matter what the time of day or night I may need it.