Shopping with kids

Shopping with kids

To use those small carts or not?

If you shop at a grocery store that has those little shopping carts for kids, you might agree that they are more trouble than good.

The minute a child sees a shopping cart that is the perfect size for them the child will run to it and grab it. This is something that kids are drawn to and they feel very grown up by pushing a cart around the store. The only problem I have ever noticed with this is that those carts do not work very well.

The other problem is that the child tends to fail to pay attention to where he is going. I have had so many small children run into me while pushing these carts when I am shopping. It does not bother me because I have kids and I am used to those kinds of things. It may bother other people though.

When my daughter was younger, she often wanted to push one of those carts. If I was only running into the store for a few items I would let her get one. We would place all of our items in her little cart and she would feel very important. If I need to purchase a whole cart load of groceries, this is not something that I would let her do.

While this is a great feature offered at many stores, it is always a problem for us parents. It can be hard to shop with a little cart, but it can also be hard to explain this to your children.