Wedding cake revolution

Wedding cake revolution

Supermarkets step up

Supermarkets have once again upped their game. They could have easily stayed the course of providing only lower quality and less expensive goods, instead of offering truly high quality foods, even though they cost more. Of course, in the case of wedding cakes, while the quality creations cost more, they are generally a bargain compared to the prices of specialty bakeries.

Even so, the supermarkets had to invest in more knowledgeable bakers, cake decorators and additional employees to consult with the bride, as well as ongoing training to maintain the high standards necessary to play in this market.

Changing course is a time consuming process and not one that is simple and quickly accomplished. It requires a major shift in the thinking of everyone from the president of the company to the bakery clerk. Assuming responsibility for the most important celebration in a person’s life is an awesome responsibility and one that must be taken seriously.

Supporting the program with electronic and print advertising, point-of-sale material and constant attendance at Bridal Fairs is a major expense for supermarkets which operate on slim margins; between one to two percent in a good year.

From a customer’s perspective the process of choosing between a supermarket bakery and a specialty bakery is immediately and heavily influenced by the supermarket’s lower price. Conversely, the bride wants to have the assurance of quality that a specialty bakery seems to offer. For this reason the supermarket is far from a slam-dunk choice for the bride.

She must have the confidence that the supermarket has:

  • Well trained bakers and decorators
  • Who dedicate the time to her personally to shepherd her through the process
  • Who have point-of-sale materials as well as physical examples of the cakes they are capable of producing

Most of all, that the personnel will care and take interest in her to make her wedding cake a success.